Bathtub Liners

A bathtub liner is the answer when you want a permanent fix and don’t want to disturb existing tile walls or floors. There is no tear-out mess and a liner can be installed in less than one day.

Re-Bath bathtub liners are made by using actual cast-iron and pressed steel bathtubs as molds. An inventory of nearly 1,000 molds guarantees a perfect fit for your bathtub. Re-Bath liners are made from Dura-Bath SSP which is a solid surface polymer – the most durable material in the industry.

Re-Bath pioneered the bathtub liner concept in 1979 and has been used in bathroom remodeling ever since.

When you shouldn’t use a liner …

There are situations when a liner is not the best choice. Bathtub liners will not work on one-piece fiberglass units. Also, a cheap and flimsy tub will not give a liner enough support. If water damage is suspected, the bathtub should be torn-out. Water can penetrate tile walls and route water behind the tub causing rot and mold. If you cover the tub, it will not stop the water leak unless the walls are replaced as well. But you may still have a mold problem you can’t see.

When in doubt, replace the bathtub.

If you’re thinking about bathroom remodeling, call us today for a free-in home consultation and see how beautiful – not to mention functional – your bathroom could be. Re-Bath – the best product and warranty in the business.