Bathtub Refinishing in Franklin Tennessee

If transforming your bathroom into a spa-like atmosphere has been on the top of your to-do list for a while, ReBath can make your dreams come true. Revamping the bathroom is commonly put on the back burner for many Franklin, Tennessee homeowners, but ReBath can help you have the bathroom of your dreams with budget-friendly changes. One of the biggest concerns for many people is the cost of bathtub refinishing, but we have a safe, comfortable and affordable solution for that. Here are five ways to revamp your bathroom from old and drab to a spa-like oasis.

Replacement Bathtubs
When addressing the bathroom, one of the most expensive parts of the process for many Franklin, Tennessee homeowners is having standard bathtub refinishing. ReBath bathtubs are more cost effective than refinishing cast iron or a fiberglass replacement tub. ReBath bathtubs are easy to clean, durable and has a surface that is warm to the touch, which makes it an ideal bathtub for a spa-like bathroom.

New Walls
Its time to rip off that old, yellow wallpaper in your Franklin, Tennessee bathroom and replace it with a ReBath wall surround. Our walls surrounds are custom manufactured to suit the design and size of your bath. Our wide range of patterns and colors allows you to add your own personal touch to your bathtub refinishing and spa-oasis. ReBath offers a variety of wall options, including:

  • Natural stone
  • Ceramic tile
  • Wainscoting

Vanities and Mirrors
A Franklin, Tennessee bathroom that is being designed to look and feel like a spa-oasis is not complete without the perfect vanity and mirror. ReBath can design a vanity with enough drawers to store all of your bath products, hair care accessories and storage racks to display your plush, colorful towels. Our budget priced vanities and mirrors will give your bathtub refinishing the completed look you are looking for.

There are a number of accessories you can use to to complete the look of your new spa inspired bathroom. Along with bathtub refinishing in Franklin, Tennessee, ReBath also offers a range of accessories that will help tie the look of the bathroom together, such as shower shelves, classic soap dishes and window kits.

Add Color and Style
Once ReBath has completed the bathtub refinishing, installed the shower wall and vanity, its time to add your own personal style and touch of color. Some of the things every spa-inspired bathroom in Franklin, Tennessee needs is several brightly-colored, plush towels. You can choose to either display the towels on racks or you can store them on the vanity storage racks. Add color and subtle lighting by using several candles. An inexpensive, yet excellent way to store small cosmetics or colorful soaps is in apothecary jars. Add a colorful bath mat and you will be ready for relaxation in your new spa-inspired bathroom.

Explore the wide range of options Re-Bath has available to help you have the bathroom of your dreams. Contact ReBath® today for a free quote so you can experience the comfort of a new DuraBath SSP® bathtub replacement.