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We’ve all heard stories of people who had a horrible experience while remodeling.  Maybe you’ve experienced it first hand!  Either way, most stories are similar: the contractor shows up the first time in a great mood, looking good, has all their ducks in a row and seems to have it all together.  And then … the work starts.  Ah!  Where did THAT guy go?  He looks similar in the face to the first, but this guy is fumbling all around, rarely shows up when he says he’s going to, the materials are not the same as what you ordered, oh that will take an extra four weeks, we can’t show up tomorrow because (insert excuse of the day here), and so on and so on.

Let me assure you, it really can be easy and done right.  Bathroom remodeling projects in Middle Tennessee can be completed and looking great, sometimes even in just a single day! From beautiful glass shower doors to a complete bath remodel, Re Bath helps you save time and money.


“But Rob, I just want a price.  Can’t you tell me over the phone how much this will be?  Give me a range.  I mean, I won’t hold you to it.”

The simple answer: no.  The more complicated answer: there are too many variables.  Most people don’t realize just how many options there are when dealing with their bathroom.  And then there is the condition of your existing bathroom: getting from point A to point B requires knowing details about point A.  And then there is the price point you want for the new materials: do you want top of the line, middle of the road, or the value based stuff?  We HAVE to go through all this with you!

This is why we don’t charge for most appointments in the middle Tennessee area.  One of our trained consultants will come out to your house (for most of you at no up-front cost to you), and will review your existing bathroom, discuss options and price points for what you want, talk about time frames, expectations, and on and on and on.  With eleven years of personal experience, I find that most people have NO IDEA what kind of detail planning is required to have a successful remodeling experience (remember our story above!).

So, call or email today.  We’ll set you up with one of our experienced consultants.  In no time, you’ll be glad you called Re-Bath.