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3 Important Considerations for a Small Bathroom Remodel for Customers Living in Brentwood, Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

If you’re looking for ideas about the best way to plan for a small bathroom remodel for your Brentwood home, then you are at the right place! ReBath has been helping homeowners in the Brentwood, Nashville and surrounding Middle Tennessee remodel their bathrooms for many years.

If you have a tight space and it’s time to remodel, one of the best things that you can do is to envision the finishes and fixtures that you ultimately want, and then work backwards to the walls and flooring. Why? Because the details of a smaller room can make a huge difference in the day-to-day experience you will have.

Here are three important things you need to consider before you remodel a small bathroom.

1. What is under the existing tile?

wood rotIn home remodeling, small overlooked items can turn into big expensive messes, particularly in the bathrooms of old homes. A leaky pipe, for example, when left unattended for many months or even years can cause wood rot and mildew which can be expensive (but necessary) to repair. Make sure you know what lies underneath the surface. At ReBath we employ helpful and highly trained bath designers that will do a complete bathroom inspection for you at no cost to you which will identify the condition of what is beneath the tiles.

2. Where will the plumbing go?

If you have a small bathroom remodel that you are considering, then be sure you think about if the plumbing will be exposed or not. Think carefully about your fixtures and everything that is connected to them behind the scenes. This will really help you as you layout the electrical, plumbing and framing. Sometimes leaving plumbing pipes exposed will give the space an industrial retro look, and hiding them will make the space cleaner and more modern looking.

3. Thresholds and Transitions.

low thresholdAt ReBath we work with many customers in Brentwood and all through Middle Tennessee who have a small bathroom remodel where they need to solve mobility issues for elderly loved ones. For instance, showers with a very low threshold are very popular because of the ease of entering and leaving the shower, however for water to drain properly the floor will have to be high enough to create the necessary pitch to properly drain the water to the drain. If you have to add thickness to the floor, then you have to consider the transition into the room. If someone living in the home is in a wheelchair, then appropriate accommodations will need to be made.

ReBath has decades of experience to handle your small bathroom remodel from a concept to completion

Working with a small space can be challenging and sometimes it’s beneficial to get an expert opinion on what your options will be. A small bathroom remodel is just one of the specialties that are offered by ReBath. We have an extensive product selection that includes tub to shower conversions, bathtub liners, walk-in tubs and full bath remodeling. We have the experience you need to tackle your small bathroom remodel.

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