Tile Shower Replacement

Replace your tile shower and forget about it

The grout that fills the space between tiles is porous and if it is not sealed often, it can allow water to pass through which can cause structural damage, mildew and mold. Grout is rigid and will not flex. When the house settles, or expansion and contraction occurs, grout will crack. 90% of the tile shower bases Re-Bath has torn out had been leaking. The only permanent solution is to tear out the base and install a new one.

Click here to see pictures of why you need a new shower instead of a shower liner!

Re-Bath offers one piece shower bases that are guaranteed never to leak. For those unusual sizes and offset tile drain locations Re-Bath offers a custom base made of thick Onyx.  A Re-Bath shower base and DuraBath SSP wall system is the perfect solution for your old leaky tile shower. Best of all, it’s guaranteed for life.

Fix it and forget it!